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The Bluelink ocean data assimilation system (BODAS)
Abstract Bluelink is Australia’s contribution to the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE). The goals of GODAE include the development and application of eddy-resolving, data assimilatingExpand
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The strengthening East Australian Current, its eddies and biological effects — an introduction and overview
The poleward flowing East Australian Current (EAC) is characterised by its separation from the coast, 100–200 nautical miles north of Sydney,to form the eastward flowing Tasman Front and a southwardExpand
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Eddy-resolving ocean circulation in the Asian Australian region inferred from an ocean reanalysis effort
Abstract The first global ocean reanalysis with focus on the Asian–Australian region was performed for the period October 1992 to June 2006. The 14-year experiment assimilated available observationsExpand
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Ensemble data assimilation for an eddy-resolving ocean model of the Australian region
The Bluelink Ocean Data Assimilation System (BODAS) is an ensemble optimal interpolation system applied to a global ocean general-circulation model with 10 km resolution around Australia. BODASExpand
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The Southwest Pacific Ocean circulation and climate experiment (SPICE)
The Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE) is an international research program under the auspices of CLIVAR. The key objectives are to understand the Southwest PacificExpand
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Impacts of Ocean–Atmosphere Coupling on Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change and Ocean Prediction in the Australian Region
Abstract This study investigates the impact of atmosphere–ocean coupling on predicted tropical cyclone (TC) intensity change and the ocean response in the Australian region. The coupled modelExpand
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RAMSSA - An operational, high-resolution, Regional Australian Multi-Sensor Sea surface temperature Analysis over the Australian region
An operational, high-resolution, Regional Australian Multi-Sensor Sea surface temperature Analysis (RAMSSA) system has been developed at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology as part of the BLUElinkExpand
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Observed and simulated Lagrangian and eddy characteristics of the East Australian Current and the Tasman Sea
New insights into the Lagrangian and eddy dynamical processes within the East Australian Current (EAC) and the Tasman Sea are presented. We briefly discuss the past campaigns undertaken to observeExpand
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Propagation characteristics of coastally trapped waves on the Australian Continental Shelf
[1] Coastally trapped waves (CTWs) are investigated around the Australian coast based on their signature in the sea surface height (SSH) field, using independent data from coastal tide gaugeExpand
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GODAE systems in operation
Abstract : During the last 15 years, operational oceanography systems have been developed in several countries around the world. These developments have been fostered primarily by the Global OceanExpand
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