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Epicureanism, Death, and the Good Life
I argue that the epicurean view that death is nothing to us is not refuted by the deprivation theory of death's badness. I also argue that, even if we allow that death harms the one who dies,Expand
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,ABSTRACT The Management Assessment Center (MAC) of the Dade County :(Florida) Public Schools is a unique projecti employing multiple techniques to evaluate behavior for school-level administratorExpand
Against Chalmers' Epiphenomenalism
There have been some recent attempts by philosophers to convince us to take seriously the threat of epiphenomenalism about consciousness. Ned Block [1995] argues that many of the common arguments inExpand
Eliminativism and indeterminate consciousness
One of Daniel Dennett's most sophisticated arguments for his eliminativism about phenomenological properties centers around the color phi phenomenon. He attempts to show that there is noExpand
An introductory course in philosophy begins with Plato's Apology . Here Socrates famously states that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living for man’. The professor lingers on the idea. In thisExpand