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The Collapse of Complex Societies
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Fiction as History. Nero to Julian
Using pagan fiction produced in Greek and Latin during the early Christian era, this text investigates the complex relationship between "historical" and "fictional" truths. This relationshipExpand
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Hellenism in Late Antiquity
The extraordinary adaptability and durability of Greek culture in times of momentous change is revealed in this book, as G. W. Bowersock seeks to interpret Hellenism in a predominantly ChristianExpand
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Martyrdom and Rome
Preface 1. The making of martyrdom 2. The written record 3. The civic role of martyrs 4. Martyrdom and suicide Appendixes Bibliography.
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The Throne of Adulis: Red Sea Wars on the Eve of Islam
Preface Abbreviations List of Maps and Illustrations Maps I. The Throne II. A Christian Traveller in the Red Sea III. Ptolemy's Elephants IV. The Kingdom of Axum V. Christianity Comes to Axum VI.Expand
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The Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire
List of sources, including collections and periodicals with abbreviations List of modern works with abbreviations Symbols and conventions Note to the reader The Prosopography Fragmentary namesExpand
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Philo and Paul among the sophists : Alexandrian and Corinthian responses to a Julio-Claudian movement
In this highly acclaimed work, Bruce Winter gathers for the first time all the available evidence on the first-century sophistic movement from two major centers of learning in the East. Together withExpand
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Julian the Apostate
This portrayal of one of antiquity's most enigmatic figures offers a vivid and compact assessment of the Apostate's life and reign. Proceeding directly from an evaluation of the ancient sources--theExpand
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