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Teaching for quality learning at university
by J. Biggs and C. Tang, Maidenhead, England, Open University Press, 2007, 360 pp., £29.99, ISBN-13: 978-0-335-22126-4
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Students' Conceptions of Learning, the Classroom Environment, and Approaches to Learning
Abstract A model that hypothesized relationships between high school students' conceptions of learning, their percpetions of the classroom environment, and their approaches to learning was testedExpand
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Changing Epistemological Beliefs in Pre-service Teacher Education Students
A teaching programme designed to foster the reflection on and development of more sophisticated epistemological beliefs was implemented with 29 pre-service graduate teacher education students at theExpand
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Education and Learning for the Elderly: Why, How, What
This paper is concerned with the general issues of ageing, learning, and education for the elderly. It also examines the more specific issues of why, how and what elders want to learn. The world'sExpand
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The capacity of older adults to remain physically, mentally, and socially active is partly dependent on continued participation in learning and education. Older adults, however, often are notExpand
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Tertiary students' knowledge of their own learning and a SOLO Taxonomy
This paper is a report of the analysis of statements by 869 students and their 21 lecturers in 12 courses in 5 Faculties in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The students and lecturersExpand
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Positive self-identity for indigenous students and its relationship to school outcomes.
The investigation described in this report was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA). The aims of the project were to: define the concept ofExpand
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Research: Issues of active ageing: Perceptions of older people with lifelong intellectual disability
Objective(s):  The study aimed to investigate the lived experiences of older people with lifelong intellectual disability and to explore the meaning of active ageing for this group.
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Secondary teachers' conceptions of teaching and learning
This paper presents a phenomenographic analysis of the conceptions of teaching and learning held by a sample of 16 secondary school teachers in two Australian schools. It provides descriptions ofExpand
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Hospice patients’ views on research in palliative care
Background: This project was conducted to investigate whether the concerns that researchers have about including terminally ill patients in research were shared by a sample of terminally ill patients.
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