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The economic analysis of immigration
The study of labor flows across labor markets is a central ingredient in any discussion of labor market equilibrium. These labor flows help markets reach a more efficient allocation of resources.Expand
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Does Unemployment Cause Future Unemployment? Definitions, Questions and Answers from a Continuous Time Model of Heterogeneity and State Dependence.
Recent research demonstrates that, the greater the number of previous spells of unemployment and the longer their duration, the more likely is the event that an individual will be unemployed at aExpand
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Job Satisfaction, Wages, and Unions
This paper provides a systematic empirical analysis of the effect of union membership on job satisfaction and wages, and shows how the interaction between these effects leads to empiricallyExpand
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The Relationship between Wages and Weekly Hours of Work: The Role of Division Bias
During the last 25 years, annual hours worked by prime aged men fell by the equivalent of six 40-hour workweeks. The reduction was more pronounced among those younger than among mid-age workers,Expand
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Foreign Competition, Market Power, and Wage Inequality
This paper investigates the link between the trend in the returns to education and foreign competition in concentrated industries. We argue that the impact of foreign competition on the relativeExpand
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The Collapse of the Soviet Union and the Productivity of American Mathematicians
It has been difficult to open up the black box of knowledge production. We use unique international data on the publications, citations, and affiliations of mathematicians to examine the impact of aExpand
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AX Discussion Paper Series CDP No 02 / 08 Task Specialization , Immigration , and Wages Giovanni Peri and
Many workers with low levels of educational attainment immigrated to the United States in recent decades. Large inflows of less-educated immigrants would reduce wages paid to comparably-educatedExpand
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This paper analyzes the extent of labor market competition among blacks, hispanics, and whites in the United States. The specification of a generalized Leontief production function leads to anExpand
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Welfare Reform and Immigrant Participation in Welfare Programs
This article examines the impact of the 1996 welfare reform legislation on welfare use in immigrant households. Although the data indicate that the welfare participation rate of immigrants declinedExpand
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Immigrant Participation in the Welfare System
This paper presents an empirical analysis of immigrant participation in the welfare system using the 1970 and 1980 U.S. Censuses. The availability of two cross-sections allows for identification ofExpand
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