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The logic of provability
1. GL and other systems of propositional modal logic 2. Peano arithmetic 3. The box as Bew(x) 4. Semantics for GL and other modal logics 5. Completeness and decidability of GL and K, K4, T, B, S4,Expand
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Computability and logic
Part I. Computability Theory: 1. Enumerability 2. Diagonalization 3. Turing computability 4. Uncomputability 5. Abacus computability 6. Recursive functions 7. Representability of recursive sets and relations 8. Basic Metalogic . Expand
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Self-Reference and Modal Logic
0. Introduction.- 1. The Incompleteness Theorems.- 2. Self-Reference.- 3. Things to Come.- 4. The Theory PRA.- 5. Encoding Syntax in PRA.- 6. Additional Arithmetic Prerequisites.- I. The Logic ofExpand
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On ‘syllogistic inference’
  • G. Boolos
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  • 1 July 1984
What is one to make of a paper on syllogistic inference whose authors suppose that “All A are B; no B are C; therefore, some C are not A” is a valid form of inference (cf. Johnson-Laird and Bara,Expand
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Logic, Logic, and Logic
Part 1 Studies on set theory and the nature of logic: the iterative conception of set reply to Charles Parsons' "Sets and Classes" on second-order logic to be is to be a value of a variable (or to beExpand
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The Unprovability of Consistency: An Essay in Modal Logic
The Unprovability of Consistency is concerned with connections between two branches of logic: proof theory and modal logic. Modal logic is the study of the principles that govern the concepts ofExpand
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Degrees of Unsolvability of Constructible Sets of Integers
Why the Post-Kleene arithmetical hierarchy of degrees of (recursive) unsolvability was extended into the transfinite is not clear. Expand
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Computability and logic: 3rd ed.
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