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Development of a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of 2-methoxyethanol and 2-methoxyacetic acid disposition in pregnant rats.
The PBPK model for rats as described here is well suited for extrapolation to pregnant women and for assessment of 2-MAA dosimetry under various conditions of possible human exposure to 2-ME.
Toxicokinetics of a single 50 mg/kg oral dose of [2,3-14C]acrylamide in White Leghorn hens.
Oral administered acrylamide is poorly absorbed and rapidly eliminated from hens and accumulates in their eggs in a nonextractable form and distribution half-lives were longest in brain and shortest in whole blood.
A mathematical model of production, distribution, and metabolism of melatonin in mammalian systems.
A physiologically realistic mathematical model for the production, distribution, and metabolism of melatonin is developed as a precursor to a future study of the role of chemicals and environmental agents in altering this system.
Pharmacokinetic profile and placental transfer of a single intravenous injection of [14C]chlorpyrifos in pregnant rats
The results indicate that chlorpyrifos undergoes a rapid metabolism to its major metabolites (TCP) and its metabolites are distributed to all maternal and fetal tissues and plasma; and the elimination of chlorp Pyrifos and TCP is slow, with redistribution from lipid stores a likely determinant of elimination rates.
Development of a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to describe the disposition of methanol in pregnant rats and mice.
A generalized PBPK model was developed to describe the disposition of xenobiotics in pregnancy, to examine specific mechanisms of nonlinear conceptal methanol disposition, and to expand the model to extrapolate to low-dose human exposures.
Human consumption of methyleugenol and its elimination from serum.
Human toxicokinetic studies were added to the traditional NTP protocol because a commercial brand of gingersnaps was found to contain a relatively high concentration of methyleugenol, a natural as well as synthesized substance that is structurally similar to safrole, a known animal carcinogen.