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Observed spatial organization of soil moisture and its relation to terrain indices
We analyze the degree of spatial organization of soil moisture and the ability of terrain attributes to predict that organization. By organization we mean systematic spatial variation or consistentExpand
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Scaling issues in snow hydrology
The concept of scale can be used to quantify characteristic lengths of (a) a natural process (such as the correlation length of the spatial snow water equivalent (SWE) variability); (b) a measurementExpand
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Preferred states in spatial soil moisture patterns: Local and nonlocal controls
In this paper we develop a conceptual and observational case in which soil water patterns in temperate regions of Australia switch between two preferred states. The wet state is dominated by lateralExpand
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Scale issues in hydrological modelling: A review
A framework is provided for scaling and scale issues in hydrology. Expand
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Spatial correlation of soil moisture in small catchments and its relationship to dominant spatial hydrological processes
The geostatistical properties of soil moisture patterns from five different sites in Australia (Tarrawarra and Point Nepean) and New Zealand (three sites from the Mahurangi River Basin—Carran’s,Expand
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The ASCAT Soil Moisture Product: A Review of its Specifications, Validation Results, and Emerging Applications
Many physical, chemical and biological processes taking place at the land surface are strongly influenced by the amount of water stored within the upper soil layers. Therefore, many scientificExpand
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Regionalisation of catchment model parameters
We simulate the water balance dynamics of 308 catchments in Austria using a lumped conceptual model involving 11 calibration parameters. We calibrate and verify the model for two non-overlappingExpand
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On the spatial scaling of soil moisture
Abstract The spatial scale of soil moisture measurements is often inconsistent with the scale at which soil moisture predictions are needed. Consequently a change of scale (upscaling or downscaling)Expand
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Operational readiness of microwave remote sensing of soil moisture for hydrologic applications
Microwave remote sensing of soil moisture has been an active area of research since the 1970s but has yet found little use in operational applications. Given recent advances in retrieval algorithmsExpand
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Scaling of Soil Moisture: A Hydrologic Perspective
▪ Abstract Soil moisture is spatially and temporally highly variable, and it influences a range of environmental processes in a nonlinear manner. This leads to scale effects that need to beExpand
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