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The interaction between waters from the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas north of Fram Strait and along the East Greenland Current : results from the Arctic Ocean-02 Oden expedition
Abstract In spring 2002, the Swedish icebreaker Oden conducted an extensive oceanographic survey of the East Greenland Current from north of Fram Strait to south of Denmark Strait as a part of theExpand
Polynya activity in the Arctic Ocean from 1958 to 1997
Arctic polynyas are investigated during 39 winter seasons from 1958 to 1997 by means of a polynya model forced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction reanalysis data set of wind and airExpand
Water masses and circulation in the Eurasian Basin: Results from the Oden 91 expedition
The Oden 91 North Pole expedition obtained Oceanographic measurements on four sections in the Nansen and Amundsen basins of the Eurasian Basin and in the Makarov Basin of the Canadian Basin, therebyExpand
Inflow of Warm Circumpolar Deep Water in the Central Amundsen Shelf
The thinning and acceleration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been attributed to basal melting induced by intrusions of relatively warm salty water across the continental shelf. A hydrographicExpand
The Arctic Ocean Boundary Current along the Eurasian slope and the adjacent Lomonosov Ridge: Water mass properties, transports and transformations from moored instruments
Year-long (summer 1995 to 1996) time series of temperature, salinity and current velocity from three slope sites spanning the junction of the Lomonosov Ridge with the Eurasian continent are used toExpand
A One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Model for the Vertical Stratification of the Upper Arctic Ocean
Abstract A one-dimensional time-dependent model of the upper Arctic Ocean is presented. It describes the circulation above a dynamically passive reservoir of Atlantic water. The model is driven byExpand
Confluence and redistribution of Atlantic water in the Nansen, Amundsen and Makarov basins
Abstract. The waters in the Eurasian Basin are conditioned by the confluence of the boundary flow of warm, saline Fram Strait water and cold low salinity water from the Barents Sea entering throughExpand
The distribution of neodymium isotopes in Arctic Ocean basins
Nd concentration and isotope data have been obtained for the Canada, Amundsen, and Makarov Basins of the Arctic Ocean. A pattern of high Nd concentrations (up to 58 pM) at shallow depths is seenExpand
An Arctic Ocean ice shelf during MIS 6 constrained by new geophysical and geological data
The hypothesis of floating ice shelves covering the Arctic Ocean during glacial periods was developed in the 1970s. In its most extreme form, this theory involved a 1000 m thick continuous ice shelfExpand
Variability in river runoff distribution in the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean
[1] The distribution of freshwater within the Arctic Ocean and its export from it are intimately involved in climate and climate change processes both within and outside the Arctic Ocean. RiverExpand