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Oligocene CO2 Decline Promoted C4 Photosynthesis in Grasses
C4 photosynthesis is an adaptation derived from the more common C3 photosynthetic pathway that confers a higher productivity under warm temperature and low atmospheric CO2 concentration [1, 2]. C4Expand
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Genetic relationships in the olive (Olea europaea L.) reflect multilocal selection of cultivars
Abstract One hundred and two olive RAPD profiles were sampled from all around the Mediterranean Basin. Twenty four clusters of RAPD profiles were shown in the dendrogram based on the Ward’s minimumExpand
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The complex history of the olive tree: from Late Quaternary diversification of Mediterranean lineages to primary domestication in the northern Levant
The location and timing of domestication of the olive tree, a key crop in Early Mediterranean societies, remain hotly debated. Here, we unravel the history of wild olives (oleasters), and then inferExpand
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Evolutionary switch and genetic convergence on rbcL following the evolution of C4 photosynthesis.
Rubisco is responsible for the fixation of CO2 into organic compounds through photosynthesis and thus has a great agronomic importance. It is well established that this enzyme suffers from a slowExpand
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C4 Photosynthesis Evolved in Grasses via Parallel Adaptive Genetic Changes
Phenotypic convergence is a widespread and well-recognized evolutionary phenomenon. However, the responsible molecular mechanisms remain often unknown mainly because the genes involved are notExpand
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Genomic organization of molecular differentiation in Norway spruce (Picea abies)
Diversity and differentiation among three populations representing the geographical domains commonly recognized within the natural distribution area of Picea abies were analysed by using a set of 292Expand
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Anatomical enablers and the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in grasses
C4 photosynthesis is a series of anatomical and biochemical modifications to the typical C3 pathway that increases the productivity of plants in warm, sunny, and dry conditions. Despite itsExpand
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Phylogenetics of Olea (Oleaceae) based on plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences: tertiary climatic shifts and lineage differentiation times.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The genus Olea (Oleaceae) includes approx. 40 taxa of evergreen shrubs and trees classified in three subgenera, Olea, Paniculatae and Tetrapilus, the first of which has twoExpand
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Phylogenomics of C(4) photosynthesis in sedges (Cyperaceae): multiple appearances and genetic convergence.
C(4) photosynthesis is an adaptive trait conferring an advantage in warm and open habitats. It originated multiple times and is currently reported in 18 plant families. It has been recently shownExpand
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Olea europaea (Oleaceae) phylogeography based on chloroplast DNA polymorphism
Abstract.Chloroplast DNA diversity in the olive (Olea europaea L.) complex was studied using PCR-RFLP and microsatellite markers. Fifteen chlorotypes were distinguished. We constructed a cpDNAExpand
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