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Evidence that acetylcholine released by gastrin and related polypeptides contributes to their effect on gastrointestinal motility.
Abstract Gastrin- and cholecystokinin-like polypeptides have been found to release acetylcholine from the Auerbach plexus of longitudinal muscle strips of guinea pig ileum. The evidence is consistentExpand
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The Histamine H3 Receptor
Histamine is widely distributed in the body, although with marked quantitative differences in the various species and tissues, and it produces a variety of biological effects by interacting withExpand
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Mediators and Drugs in Gastrointestinal Motility I
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Action of caerulein on gastric emptying of the conscious rat.
Caerulein was shown to delay gastric emptying in conscious rats in a dose-dependent fashion. The threshold dose was about 0.05 mug/kg by the intraperitoneal route. Maximum effect was obtained with 5Expand
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Pharmacological data on phyllokinin (bradykinyl-isoleucyl-tyrosine o-sulphate) and bradykinyl-isoleucyl-tyrosine.
Phyllomedusa rohdei, a small Brazilian amphibian, contains in its skin, in addition to a number of inactive polypeptides, at least three peptides active on plain muscle. The first one (polypeptide a)Expand
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Structure and pharmacological actions of phyllocaerulein, a caerulein‐like nonapeptide: its occurrence in extracts of the skin of Phyllomedusa sauvagei and related Phyllomedusa species
1 . The South American amphibian Phyllomedusa sauvagei contains in its skin large amounts of a polypeptide closely resembling caerulein in its pharmacological actions. This polypeptide, calledExpand
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Enlargement of salivary glands in rats after chronic administration of physalaemin or isoprenaline
Chronic administration of physalaemin and isoprenaline to rats produced a significant salivary glands enlargement which was moderate (34% fresh weight increase and 48% dry weight increase comparedExpand
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Pharmacological actions of caerulein
La caeruleina, nonapeptide attivo della pelle diHyla caerulea, possiede un insieme di potenti azioni farmacologiche sulla muscolatura liscia vasale ed extravasale e sulle secrezioni del tuboExpand
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Active polypeptides of nonmammalian origin.
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The bronchoconstrictor action of the tetradecapeptide bombesin in the guinea‐pig
The tetradecapeptide bombesin was found to exert a potent spasmogenic action on the bronchiolar muscle of the anaesthetized guinea‐pig. The threshold bronchoconstrictor dose ranged between 50 and 200Expand
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