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Temporal Prediction Errors in a Passive Learning Task Activate Human Striatum
Functional MRI experiments in human subjects strongly suggest that the striatum participates in processing information about the predictability of rewarding stimuli. However, stimuli can beExpand
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A Neural Basis for Social Cooperation
Cooperation based on reciprocal altruism has evolved in only a small number of species, yet it constitutes the core behavioral principle of human social life. The iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Game hasExpand
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Neural Economics and the Biological Substrates of Valuation
A recent flurry of neuroimaging and decision-making experiments in humans, when combined with single-unit data from orbitofrontal cortex, suggests major additions to current models of rewardExpand
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Neuromarketing: the hope and hype of neuroimaging in business
The application of neuroimaging methods to product marketing — neuromarketing — has recently gained considerable popularity. We propose that there are two main reasons for this trend. First, theExpand
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Predictability Modulates Human Brain Response to Reward
Certain classes of stimuli, such as food and drugs, are highly effective in activating reward regions. We show in humans that activity in these regions can be modulated by the predictability of theExpand
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Functional neuroimaging.
Functional neuroimaging represents an area of brain imaging that has undergone tremendous advancements in the last decade. It is now possible to design experiments that elucidate the functionalExpand
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Neurobiological Correlates of Social Conformity and Independence During Mental Rotation
BACKGROUND When individual judgment conflicts with a group, the individual will often conform his judgment to that of the group. Conformity might arise at an executive level of decision making, or itExpand
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Neural mechanisms of the influence of popularity on adolescent ratings of music
We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to elucidate the neural mechanisms associated with social influence with regard to a common consumer good: music. Expand
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Strain in the anteromedial bundle of the anterior cruciate ligament under combination loading
Strain within the anteromedial bundle (AMB) of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) was measured in 13 human knee specimens in order to determine the combination of external loads most likely toExpand
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Neurobiological Substrates of Dread
Given the choice of waiting for an adverse outcome or getting it over with quickly, many people choose the latter. Theoretical models of decision-making have assumed that this occurs because there isExpand
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