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Zuchtmethode und semisynthetische Nährmedien für Apfelwickler
A method for the individual rearing of the codling mothLaspeyresia pomonella is described. The method allows the collection of exactly dated eggs and the rearing of a large number of larvae in aExpand
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Autoradiographic studies on nucleic acid metabolism in granulosis-infected fat body of larvae of Carpocapsa.
Abstract Autoradiographs were prepared of larvae of the codling moth Carpocapsa pomonella injected with tritiated thymidine or uracil at different times after infection with granulosis virus. TheExpand
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On the specific attraction of the males of the six-toothed spruce bark beetle,Pityogenes chalcographus (L.) to a mixture of synthetic pheromones of the eight-toothed spruce bark beetle,Ips
Traps containing a mixture of attractants forIps typographus also caught other species of bark beetles. The numbers ofPityogenes chalcographus, Pityogenes conjunctus, andTrypodendron lineatum wereExpand
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Selection of a strain of the granulosis virus of the codling moth with improved resistance against artificial ultraviolet radiation and sunlight
Abstract A six-step sequence of selection of the granulosis virus of Laspeyresia pomonella led to a strain with increased resistance to sunlight. Each step consisted of irradiation of dry deposits ofExpand
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Toxicity of streptomycin and terramycin, and influence on growth and developmental time ofDrosophila melanogaster
Die toxische Wirkung von oral an Larven vonDrosophi'a melanogaster verabreichtem Terramycin ist bedeutend grösser als jene von Streptomycin. Bei beiden Antibiotica lässt die geringe PuppenmortalitätExpand
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Untersuchungen über das Schwärmverhalten von Ips typographus (L.) und Pityogenes chalcographus (L.) (Col., Scolytidae) mit den Pheromonpräparaten Pheroprax und Chalcoprax
Investigations on the temporary sequence of the flight activities of Ips typographus (L.) and Pityogenes chalcographus (L.) (Col., Scolytidae) by means of the commercial pheromone preparationsExpand
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Juvenile hormone in larval diapause of the codling moth,Laspeyresia pomonella L. (Lepidopterae, Tortricidae)
Whereas in last instar larvae ofL. pomonella kept under long-day-conditions (LD), the JH-titer is temporarily reduced to zero, it stays relatively high in short-day-conditioned (SD) larvae whichExpand
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The toxic action ofbacillus thuringiensis ‘Exotoxin’ onDrosophila reared in yeast-containing and yeast-free media
Die toxische Wirkung des sogenannten «Exotoxins» vonBacillus thuringiensis aufDrosophila wurde geprüft: (A) in Mais-Trockenhefe-Agar-Medium, (B) synthetischem Medium C nachSang 2 und (C)Expand
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