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  • 1 September 1970
Most persons who study the breeding behavior of seals and sea lions yield to the temptation to theorize about the evolution of the remarkable polygyny and impressive sexual dimorphism shown by theseExpand
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Control of Changes in Body Temperature, Metabolism, and Circulation by the Agamid Lizard, Amphibolurus barbatus
I N VIEw of the importance of behavior in regulating the body temperature of lizards (Cowles and Bogert, 1944) it is not surprising that little attention has been given to the contributions ofExpand
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The Water Economy of Land Birds
TERRESTRIAL life is an aqueous phenomenon. Although the physiological and ecological roles of water are of paramount importance in the lives of all organisms, ornithologists have paid littleExpand
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Size, Body Temperature, Thermal Conductance, Oxygen Consumption, and Heart Rate in Australian Varanid Lizards
the largest living and the largest T extinct lizards. The living members of the family occur in tropical and warm-temperate parts of the Old World and are usually assigned to a single genus, Varanus.Expand
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Patterns of Panting and Gular Flutter in Cormorants, Pelicans, Owls, and Doves
Most birds pant when subjected to heat stress, but some supplement evaporation from the respiratory tract by fluttering the gular area. Gular flutter occurs in at least the following taxa:Expand
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Heating and cooling rates, heart rate and simulated diving in the Galapagos marine iguana.
Abstract 1. 1. During enforced submergences of 30–50 min, the animals remained quiet. Bradycardia developed slowly following submergence and conspicuous arrhythmia appeared. Bradycardia ended almostExpand
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Oxygen consumption during hover-feeding in free-ranging Anna hummingbirds.
Rates of oxygen consumption during hover-feeding of wild, unrestrained, adult male Anna hummingbirds (Calypte anna) were measured with an artificial outdoor feeder converted into a respirometer mask.Expand
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The roles of physiology and behaviour in the maintenance of homeostasis in the desert environment.
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  • Symposia of the Society for Experimental Biology
  • 1964
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Body Temperature, Oxygen Consumption, and Heart Rate in Three Species of Australian Flying Foxes
on body temperatures of flying foxes over a narrow range of ambient temperatures, and their data suggest that at least two genera, Pteropus and Rousettus, have considerable thermoregulatory ability.Expand
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