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Assembling the Austrasian Letters at Trier and Lorsch
This article is a reconsideration of the Epistulae Austrasicae. We critique the widespread notion that the constituent letters were compiled by a courtier in the late sixth century at Metz as a bookExpand
Review of Wendy Davies, Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000 (Abingdon, 2016).
Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000. By Wendy Davies. Abingdon and New York, NY: Routledge. 2016. xii + 291 pp. £115. ISBN 9781409464730.
Remigius and the "important news" of Clovis rewritten
Cet article est un nouvel examen de la Lettre austrasienne n° 2, adressee par Remi, eveque de Reims, a Clovis, roi des Francs. Nous proposons une nouvelle transcription du texte, accompagnee d’uneExpand
My Own Private Hispania
How do I get to early medieval Hispania, and can you meet me there? If we go looking, we can find it, but not where we might expect. More than a few contemporaries gave this some thought, and all whoExpand
Hispania at Home and Abroad
Alaric II [and 39 other entries]
‘Alaric II’, ‘Astigi’, ‘Balearics’, ‘Basques’, ‘Braulio of Zaragoza’, ‘charters (Spain)’, ‘Chindasuinth’, ‘Conimbriga and Coimbra’, ‘Coruna’, ‘Didymus and Verinianus’, ‘Els Munts’, ‘Euric’,Expand
God's Librarian: Isidore of Seville and his Literary Agenda
What I hope to show in the following pages is that Isidore of Seville, seen in the mirror of his own words, aimed not to become catechist to centuries of priests and monks, nor indeed to achieve anyExpand
The written and the world in early medieval Iberia
The written was the world of early medieval Iberia. Literacy was limited, but textuality was extensive, in the authority conferred on text and the arrangements made to use it. Roman inheritance isExpand