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Some Student Ideas on the Median and the Mode
The purpose of this report is to make a tentative contribution to the knowledge of students' understanding of the statistical concepts; median and mode.
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Particle Physics in the LHC era
1. Introduction 2. Mathematical Methods 3. Accelerators 4. Particle Detectors 5. Static Quark Model 6. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 7. Weak interactions 8. Experimental tests of electroweak theoryExpand
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Studies of. mu. prime s underground with the Soudan 2 Tracker
During the period July 1987 through March 1988, a section of the Soudan 2 active shield known as the Tracker' recorded {approximately}250,000 muon tracks. The detector is located in the Tower-SoudanExpand
MICE -- Absorber and focus coil safety working group design document: Preliminary design and assessments
MICE Absorber and Focus Coil Safety Working Group Design Document: Preliininary Design and Assessments December 4, 2003 Working Group Members Giles Barr (Oxford) Elwyn Baynham (Rutherford AppletonExpand
Multiple muon events in Soudan 2
This is a progress report on multiple muon events recorded by the Soudan 2 detector. 6 refs.
Measuring neutrino-induced exclusive charge-current final states on hydrogen at T2K
By taking advantage of symmetries with respect to the plane containing the directions of the neutrino and outgoing lepton, it is possible to isolate neutrino interactions on hydrogen in compositeExpand
Search for the proton decay mode p {r_arrow} v K{sup +} in Soudan 2.
We have searched for the proton decay mode p {yields} {nu} K{sup +} using the one-kiloton Soudan 2 high resolution calorimeter. Contained events obtained from a 3.56 kiloton-year fiducial exposureExpand
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Search for the decay KL ? p0p0?
Results on Direct CP Violation from NA48
A report on the recent measurement of epsilon-prime, which characterises direct CP violation in the neutral kaon system, by the NA48 collaboration.