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Biodiversity evaluation tools for European forests
Executive Summary The Biodiversity ChallengeBiodiversity And Its Components Policy Development As Regards The Management Of Forest BiodiversityBiodiversity Assessment And Evaluation The EU ProjectExpand
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The spatial scale mismatch between ecological processes and agricultural management: do difficulties come from underlying theoretical frameworks?
Abstract The difficulty to spatially link the process levels of organizing agricultural management with those of investigating biodiversity preservation creates a spatial scale mismatch which affectsExpand
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Relative contribution of edge and interior zones to patch size effect on species richness: An example for woody plants
Abstract In order to understand the capacity of habitats to conserve species, many authors have searched for a species–area relationship (SAR) to evaluate the effect of patch size on species richnessExpand
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Modelling and simulating change in reforesting mountain landscapes using a social-ecological framework
Natural reforestation of European mountain landscapes raises major environmental and societal issues. With local stakeholders in the Pyrenees National Park area (France), we studied agriculturalExpand
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Contrasting spatial and temporal responses of bird communities to landscape changes
Quantifying the impact of land-use changes on biodiversity is a major challenge in conservation ecology. Static spatial relationships between bird communities and agricultural landscapes have beenExpand
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Modelling the overwintering strategy of a beneficial insect in a heterogeneous landscape using a multi-agent system
A better knowledge of the foraging ecology of predator insect species that feed on crop pests is of primary importance to improve their beneficial influence for agriculture and for the environment.Expand
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Edge effects on ground beetles at the woodlot–field interface are short‐range and asymmetrical
1 Boundaries between woodlots and agricultural habitats are numerous in temperate agricultural landscapes and influence ecological processes in both woodlots and agricultural habitats. 2 We aimed toExpand
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Détermination du régime des feux en milieu de savane à Madagascar à partir de séries temporelles d'images MODIS
Dans les milieux de savanes, l'identification des surfaces brûlées et leur suivi sont des informations essentielles pour assurer une bonne gestion et conservation de ces écosystèmes. L'approcheExpand
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Temporal Beta Diversity of Bird Assemblages in Agricultural Landscapes: Land Cover Change vs. Stochastic Processes
Temporal variation in the composition of species assemblages could be the result of deterministic processes driven by environmental change and/or stochastic processes of colonization and localExpand
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Variability of cutting regimes in small private woodlots of south-western France
The small scale forest holdings are very common in Europe, but their management is not well known. The classical principes of forest management and of silviculture being rarely applied, theirExpand
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