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Nanostructured Lipid Carrier Gel for the Dermal Application of Lidocaine: Comparison of Skin Penetration Testing Methods
The aim of this research was to investigate the stability of a lidocaine-loaded nanostructured lipid carrier dispersion at different temperatures, formulate a nanostructured lipid carrier gel, andExpand
Evaluation of powder mixtures and hydrophilic gastroretentive drug delivery systems containing zinc acetate and sodium bicarbonate.
The aim of this study was to develop and study floating controlled drug delivery systems consisting of a model drug (zinc acetate dihydrate), different forms of a matrix-forming polymer (Metolose 90Expand
Formulation and Evaluation of Antibacterial Creams and Gels Containing Metal Ions for Topical Application
Background. Skin infections occur commonly and often present therapeutic challenges to practitioners due to the growing concerns regarding multidrug-resistant bacterial, viral, and fungal strains.Expand
Computer-based formulation design and optimization using Hansen Solubility Parameters to enhance the delivery of ibuprofen through the skin.
Trial-and-error approach to formulation development is long and costly. With growing time and cost pressures in the pharmaceutical industry, the need for computer-based formulation design is greaterExpand
Evaluating superdisintegrants for their performance in orally disintegrating tablets containing lysozyme enzyme
Abstract Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) are gaining importance and popularity due to their numerous advantages. Lysozyme, an enzyme with antibacterial properties, is currently only available asExpand
Drug release from semisolid dosage forms: a comparison of two testing methods
Abstract The aim of the present work was to extend our previous in-vitro drug release studies using semisolid dermatological bases with non-impregnated cellulose acetate membranes. A comparison ofExpand
Role of surface free energy and spreading coefficient in the formulation of active agent-layered pellets.
Formulation of layered pellets can be a useful method for the preparation of multiparticulate systems. The aims of this work were to study the properties of hydrophilic active agent (pirenzepineExpand
A new modified wetting test and an alternative disintegration test for orally disintegrating tablets.
Industrial manufacturing of solid oral dosage forms require quality tests, such as friability, hardness, and disintegration. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) disintegration test uses 900mL ofExpand
The effect of wetting of powder mixture on the preparation of hydrophilic matrix granules with high-shear granulator
Abstract The aim of our work was to determine the main factors which can influence the preparation of matrices and to choose the best parameters for the production of inert matrix granules with aExpand
Evaluation of the composition of the binder bridges in matrix granules prepared with a small-scale high-shear granulator.
The aim of this work was to evaluate the binder bridges which can form in hydrophilic matrix granules prepared with a small-scale high-shear granulator. Matrices contained hydroxypropylExpand