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Experiments on beam--plasma discharges in connection with plasma chemistry
The properties of low-temperature plasmas are finding extensive use for chemical reactions. Efficient plasma-chemistry reactions require a steady-state plasma with a degree of ionization ..capExpand
Probe diagnosis of a beam-plasma discharge in an electronegative medium
A method is proposed in which one uses the voltage-current characteristics of a single langmuir probe to derive the basic characteristics for the plasma from a heavy electronegative gas: electronExpand
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Dissociation of CO/sub 2/ in the nonequilibrium plasma of a steady-state beam--plasma discharge
The dissocation of carbon dioxide in a steady-state beam--plasma discharge has been studied. The experiments show that the degree of conversion is 0.75--1. The efficiency of the energy pumped intoExpand
Effect of the transverse dimensions of an electron beam on beam-plasma instability
Linearized kinetic equations are derived to study the effects of the transverse electron beam dimensions on the beam-plasma instability. By choosing the appropriate parameters of the plasma andExpand