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Ultradilute Low-Dimensional Liquids.
The Gross-Pitaevskii equation is derived to describe droplets of such liquids and solved analytically in the one-dimensional case and shows that in the case of attractive inter- and repulsive intraspecies interactions the energy per particle has a minimum at a finite density corresponding to a liquid state.
Dynamics of one-dimensional quantum droplets
The structure and dynamics of one-dimensional binary Bose gases forming quantum droplets is studied by solving the corresponding amended Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Two physically different regimes
One-dimensional multicomponent Fermi gas in a trap: quantum Monte Carlo study
One-dimensional world is very unusual as there is an interplay between quantum statistics and geometry, and a strong short-range repulsion between atoms mimics Fermi exclusion principle, fermionizing
Local density approximation for a perturbative equation of state (10 pages)
Knowledge of a series expansion of the equation of state provides a deep insight into the physical nature of a quantum system. Starting from a generic ``perturbative'' equation of state of a
Liquid State of One-Dimensional Bose Mixtures: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study.
In the stable liquid state, the chemical potential, the speed of sound, as well as structural and coherence properties, such as the pair correlation function, the static structure factor, and the one-body density matrix are calculated, thus providing a detailed description of the bulk region in self-bound droplets.
Fluctuations of the number of particles within a given volume in cold quantum gases
In ultracold gases many experiments use atom imaging as a basic observable. The resulting image is averaged over a number of realizations and mostly only this average is used. Only recently the noise
Exact ground-state properties of a one-dimensional Coulomb gas
The ground-state properties of a single-component one-dimensional Coulomb gas are investigated. We use Bose-Fermi mapping for the ground-state wave function which permits solution of the Fermi sign
Ionic polaron in a Bose-Einstein condensate
The presence of strong interactions in a many-body quantum system can lead to a variety of exotic effects. Here we show that even in a comparatively simple setup consisting of a charged impurity in a
Trapped one-dimensional ideal Fermi gas with a single impurity
Ground-state properties of a single impurity in a one-dimensional Fermi gas are investigated in uniform and trapped geometries. The energy of a trapped system is obtained (i) by generalizing the
Super-Tonks-Girardeau regime in trapped one-dimensional dipolar gases
Possible signatures of a super-Tonks-Girardeau gas in bosonic systems of trapped quasi-one-dimensional dipoles are discussed at zero temperature. We provide estimation of the frequency of the lowest