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The great convergence: science, modernity and the dilemmas of ethnocentrism
Abstract This article registers a theroetical dilemma. On the one hand, the adequacy of the notion of modernity articulated by means of tradition/modernity comes to be profoundly destabilized byExpand
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Global Historical Sociology: Theoretical and Methodological Issues – an Introduction
The ongoing collective effort to turn historical sociology into a globally oriented research programme implies a profound reconsideration of its conceptual and terminological premises, as well as aExpand
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Unthinking Capital: Conceptual and Terminological Landmarks
In this article I take issues with some Eurocentric limits of the two contradictions of capital: capital/labour and capital/nature. These limits are exposed by elaborating on two theoretical insightsExpand
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Rethinking the absence of post-Western International Relations theory in India: ‘Advaitic monism’ as an alternative epistemological resource
The transformation of the Eurocentric epistemological base of International Relations, without inadvertently generating a ‘derivative discourse’ of Western International Relations, requires anExpand
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Decolonizing the ‘Global’: The Coloniality of Method and the Problem of the Unit of Analysis
What should ‘global’ stand for in order to qualify ‘historical sociology’ when it aspires to move beyond its Eurocentric foundations? The answer to this question lies in the ability to investigateExpand
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Conclusion: The Future of Social Theory
The relation between geopolitical and economic power, on the one hand, and the ability to impose or hegemonize concepts and narratives, on the other hand, is not easy to explain within anyExpand
Unthinking Modernity: Historical‐Sociological, Epistemological and Logical Pathways
Modernity remains the privileged theoretical frame and narrative for long term processes at the global scale, notwithstanding the heterogeneously contested definition of its spatiotemporalExpand
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Introduction: The Epistemological Ritual of Modernity
A seductive idea animates the work presented in the following pages: limit. Limits are intrinsic to thought; a fortiori, they are inherent to the historically determined, ethnocentric configurationExpand
Emancipation as Governamentality
The idea that modernity is distinctive because of the possibilities of emancipation it revealed to humanity as a whole is the long-lasting heritage of the European Enlightenment, which frames theExpand
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