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The Tree of Life and a New Classification of Bony Fishes
The tree of life of fishes is in a state of flux because we still lack a comprehensive phylogeny that includes all major groups. The situation is most critical for a large clade of spiny-finnedExpand
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Basal teleosts and teleostean phylogeny
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Phylogenetic classification of bony fishes
BackgroundFish classifications, as those of most other taxonomic groups, are being transformed drastically as new molecular phylogenies provide support for natural groups that were unanticipated byExpand
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Morphology, Taxonomy, and Phylogeny of Triassic Pholidophorid Fishes (Actinopterygii, Teleostei)
ABSTRACT This study presents the first comprehensive revision of ‘pholidophoriform’ fishes, which are a key taxon for understanding the early diversification of teleost fish. Systematic revisionsExpand
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Vertebral column and associated elements in dipnoans and comparison with other fishes: Development and homology
A vertebral column consisting of a persistent notochord and ossified arcocentra is the primitive condition for Gnathostomata; it still persists in primitive actinopterygians and sarcopterygians.Expand
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Multi-locus phylogenetic analysis reveals the pattern and tempo of bony fish evolution
Over half of all vertebrates are “fishes”, which exhibit enormous diversity in morphology, physiology, behavior, reproductive biology, and ecology. Investigation of fundamental areas of vertebrateExpand
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Jaws and teeth of american cichlids (Pisces: Labroidei)
The morphology of the upper, lower, and pharyngeal jaws is very similar among American cichlids. Common conditions are: (1) the presence of a premaxillary dentigerous arm shorter than the ascendingExpand
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Development and diversity of the suspensorium of trichomycterids and comparison with loricarioids (Teleostei: Siluriformes)
  • G. Arratia
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  • 1 August 1990
Studies of ontogenetic series of trichomycterids and other catfishes reveal that the suspensorium of siluroids is highly specialized; several synapomorphies separate siluroids from other teleosts. InExpand
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Identifying patterns of diversity of the actinopterygian fulcra
Arratia, G. 2009. Identifying patterns of diversity of the actinopterygian fulcra. — Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 90 (Suppl. 1): 220‐235 Fin rays, scutes or ridge scales, and fulcra have beenExpand
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New teleostean fishes from the Jurassic of southern Germany and the systematic problems concerning the ‘pholidophoriforms’
ZusamenfassungDie neue GattungSiemensichthys aus dem Oberen Jura Süddeutschlands wird beschrieben. Sie umfaßt die zwei ArtenS. macrocephalus (Agassiz) (ursprünglich in die GattungPholidophorusExpand
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