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Changes in peroxidase activity in sunflower during infection by necrotrophic pathogen Alternaria helianthi
Abstract Detailed analysis of threshold levels of resistance in sunflower genotypes to Alternaria helianthi and its relation to peroxidase activity was carried out. Fourteen sunflower genotypes wereExpand
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Hide Dehairing and Laundry Detergent Compatibility Testing of Thermostable and Solvents Tolerant Alkaline Protease from Hot Spring Isolate Bacillus cohniiU3
In the present study, alkaline protease producing thermophilic Bacillus cohniiU3 strain was isolation from Unnai hot spring, India. The maximum production of protease (344 U/mL) was reported after 72Expand
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Various organochlorine pesticides currently used for various crops to protect them against insects. They are highly toxic, persistent and travel long distance through air and water causing pollution.Expand
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Development and Implementation of an IP Core for Driver Assistance
Today roads in developing countries like India has become a war zone in which thousands of people lost their lives and another thousand loss their organs as result of accidents. As a result ofExpand
Pneumatophore inspired biomimetic approach to design an energy neutral aerator for application in composting
An aerator prototype that can potentially be used in composting and other applications was designed and partially validated both qualitatively and quantitatively. The design was inspired from theExpand
Differential expression of sunflower peroxidase isoforms and transcripts during necrotrophic interaction with Alternaria helianthi
Sunflower leaf spot caused by the necrotrophic pathogen Alternaria helianthi is one of the most important biotic constraints in sunflower production. The biochemical basis of resistance to infectionExpand
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A Particle Filter Based Leak Detection Technique for Water Distribution Systems
Leak detection and localization plays an important role in the efficient management of Water Distribution Systems (WDS), as it will help in reducing water wastage. Automation of WDS (with waterExpand
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Comparison of Different Controllers for Equitable Water Supply in Water Networks
Equitable distribution of water among consumers is one of the most important agenda for many water authorities around the world. Many methods have been listed in literature for equitable distributionExpand
Evaluation of dwarf mutant of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. walp.) developed through gamma irradiation for nitrogen fixation characters
A dwarf mutant developed through gamma-irradiation and mutation breeding of its parent cowpea variety, namely KBC-1 has been characterized for nitrogen-fixation characters such as root noduleExpand