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Black-box search by elimination of fitness functions
Though in its early stages, it is believed that there is utility in search methods based on ideas from the elimination of functions method, and that the viewpoint provides promise and new insight about black-box optimization. Expand
The Effects of Inter-Agent Variation on Developing Stable and Robust Teams
This paper provides a formal analysis of a multi-agent task allocationproblem and how variation in agent behavior in the form of responseprobabilities can be used to build redundancy in theExpand
On the performance effects of unbiased module encapsulation
This work studies a base-line, unbiased modularization that makes use of a complete module set (CMS), with special focus on strings that grow logarithmically with the problem size, and develops new intuition about modular encapsulation. Expand
A Fitness Function Elimination Theory For Blackbox Optimization And Problem Class Learning
The modern view of optimization is that optimization algorithms are not designed in a vacuum, but can make use of information regarding the broad class of objective functions from which a problemExpand
Influences of code cloning in software maintenance cost
Major portion of software cost will be occupied by software maintenance in a software project life cycle cost. Customer will be thinking that accommodating changes to the software even after productExpand
On an alternative approach to Evolutionary Programming
The field of Genetic Programming (GP) is a popular approach to automatic programming. However, it is plagued by many issues which prevent it from being scalable. These issues include bloat, need forExpand
Domain specific analysis and modeling of optimal elimination of fitness functions with optimal sampling
This paper extends previous work that presented an algorithm called Optimal Elimination of Fitness Functions with an optimal sample selection strategy that removes the condition, and demonstrates a new technique for deriving black-box complexity. Expand
This paper proposes combination of textual and metric analysis of a source code for the detection of all types of clones in a given set of fragment of java source code to provide less complexity in finding the clones and giving accurate results. Expand