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Th1/Th2 profiles in tuberculosis, based on the proliferation and cytokine response of blood lymphocytes to mycobacterial antigens.
It is concluded that the demonstrated Th2 type of profile in response to two prominent mycobacterial antigens may play a role in the mechanisms of defective host resistance in tuberculosis. Expand
Non‐T cell nature of the naturally occurring, spleen‐associated suppressor cells present in the newborn mouse
The data indicate that the nonresponsive state of the newborn spleen is not due to a lack of functional T cells or macrophages, and second, that the suppressor activity in the newbornSpleens is not effected by a thymus‐ dependent cell as is currently hypothesized. Expand
Antagonism of the prostaglandin D2 receptor CRTH2 attenuates asthma pathology in mouse eosinophilic airway inflammation
The data suggest that CRTH2 antagonism alone is effective in mouse allergic airway inflammation even to the extent that this mechanism can explain the efficacy of ramatroban. Expand
Responsiveness in Diffuse versus Local Cutaneous Leishmaniasis is Due to Parasite Differences
Data is given to show that infected individuals respond by higher production of IL‐2 to antigens from LCL isolates (Icl antigen), than to antIGens derived from DCL isolate (dcl antigen). Expand
Intestinal immune responses in humans. Oral cholera vaccination induces strong intestinal antibody responses and interferon-gamma production and evokes local immunological memory.
This study establishes the feasibility of studying, at the single-cell level, intestinal immune reactivity in humans, and indicates that the small intestinal mucosa is an enriched source of IFN-gamma. Expand
Cellular and humoral immune responses to Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte antigens in malaria-immune individuals. Limited response to the 48/45-kilodalton surface antigen does not appear to be due to
Examination of immune responses to a cultured Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte lysate and to an affinity-purified preparation of the 48/45-kDa gamete surface Ag in a group of 30 malaria immune individuals and in 24 Europeans with no previous exposure to malaria finds no relationship between HLA-DR or -DQ and responsiveness to the 48/(45)kDa Ag was discerned. Expand
Identification of the IgA-binding region in streptococcal protein Arp.
Results identify, for the first time, the ligand-binding region in an Fc alpha binding protein, the Streptococcus pyogenes cell surface protein Arp4, a member of the M protein family. Expand
Different roles of spermine in glucocorticoid- and Fas-induced apoptosis.
Two experimental systems representative of the mitochondrial and death receptor apoptotic pathways are the dexamethasone-induced programmed cell death in mouse thymocytes and the antibody-mediatedExpand
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Structure-Function Relationship in Proteins Based on Local Structure Similarity
It is shown how the presented ideas could advance the development of meta-servers in function prediction by demonstrating how the predictions offer higher sensitivity than using global structure, and complement the use of sequence. Expand
Complementation of divergent mga genes in group A Streptococcus.
The deduced amino acid (aa) sequence of this "divergent Mga' shows 88% identity to the prototype Mga1 in its N-terminal half, which contains all three of the predicted helix-turn-helix domains. Expand