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Probabilistic evaluation of the effect of maintenance on reliability. An application [to power systems]
The purpose of maintenance is to extend equipment lifetime, or at least the mean time to the next failure. While too little maintenance may have very costly consequences, maintenance, too, incursExpand
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Chronological Power Flow for Planning Transmission Systems Considering Intermittent Sources
In light of the additional needs imposed by high penetration level of renewable sources on the planning of electric networks, this paper introduces new models and procedures for obtaining more robustExpand
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Risk-based planner for asset management [of electric utilities]
Faced with multiple options for reinvestment in equipment maintenance, what is the best course of action to maximize reliability at minimum cost? The combination of engineering and financial analysesExpand
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Cost related reliability measures for power system equipment
Cost considerations play a very important role in power system operation and planning. In traditional reliability analysis, these costs have rarely been taken into account, primarily because of theExpand
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Modelling of Dynamic Transmission Cable Temperature Considering Soil-Specific Heat, Thermal Resistivity, and Precipitation
This paper presents an algorithm for the estimation of the time-dependent temperature evolution of power cables, when real-time temperature measurements of the cable surface or a point within itsExpand
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Available transmission capability-sell firm or interruptible?
Available transfer capability (ATC) is an important parameter for all companies participating in the power transaction activities. One aspect of the ATC analysis relates to the following importantExpand
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Genetration Planning Model with Reliability Constraints
  • G. Anders
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems
  • 1 December 1981
The generation expansion models described in the literature are, in a majority of cases, formulated as deterministic optimization problems. The reliability criteria, if present, are represented asExpand
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Transient ratings of buried power cables. I. Historical perspective and mathematical model
The authors report the results of a recently completed major project on power cable transient calculations. It used a fundamental analytical method using a lumped parameter model for computation ofExpand
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Ampacity Calculations for Cables in Shallow Troughs
This paper presents the findings of an investigation concerning a calculation method for current-carrying capability (ampacity) of cables located in a shallow trough. The investigations proceeded inExpand
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Calculation of the Eddy Current and Hysteresis Losses in Sheathed Cables Inside a Steel Pipe
This paper presents an analytical method for approximating the eddy current and hysteresis losses in a system of multiple sheathed cables placed in any configuration inside a steel pipe. The methodExpand
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