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Preclinical comparison of superpulse thulium fiber laser and a holmium:YAG laser for lithotripsy
Distinctive features of the thulium fiber laser (optimal wavelength and long pulse duration) resulted in faster stone ablation and lower retropulsion in comparison to the holmium:YAG laser.
A pilot study of ICG laser therapy of acne vulgaris: Photodynamic and photothermolysis treatment
The goal of this study is to demonstrate the efficacy of the NIR diode laser phototherapy in combination with topical application of ICG suggested for soft and thermal treatment of acne vulgaris.
Intense pulsed light and laser treatment of facial telangiectasias and dyspigmentation: some theoretical and practical comparisons.
With an optimal set of parameters, IPLs and lasers are comparable in the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions with respect to treatment efficiency and safety.
Micro‐fractional ablative skin resurfacing with two novel erbium laser systems
Fractional ablation offers the potential benefits of full‐surface ablative skin resurfacing while minimizing adverse effects and the safety, damage profile, and efficacy of erbium fractional lasers are evaluated.
Laser treatment of enamel and dentine by different Er lasers
The results of primary comparative investigation of possible application of lasers based on four different Er-doped crystals (YAG, YLF, YSGG, YAP) are presented. The influence of laser wavelength and
Optical properties of hair shafts estimated using the digital video microscopic system and inverse Monte Carlo method
A color-camera-based technique was used for evaluation of reflectance and transmittance of the human hair shafts. The inverse Monte Carlo method was used for estimation of hair optical properties -
Contact cooling of the skin.
A computational model that describes contact precooling of a multilayered skin structure prior to laser irradiation of a cold plate made of material with a high thermal conductivity is developed and experimentally verified.
Low-intensity indocyanine-green laser phototherapy of acne vulgaris: pilot study.
Observations a month after the completion of the treatment showed that only the multiple treatments with a combination of ICG and NIR irradiation reduced inflammation and improved the state of the skin for a month without any side effects.
In vitro and in vivo study of dye diffusion into the human skin and hair follicles.
The biocompatible Indocyanine Green lotions and the method for in vivo dyeing and dye in depth monitoring are developed and shift on 16-21 nm of absorption peak of Indocianine Green to the longer wavelengths due to Indocianoine Green binding with cell proteins in the human skin was found.
Design and evaluation of a novel portable erythema‐melanin‐meter
Objective evaluation of the pigmentation index (PI) and the eythema index (EI) of human skin is a prerequisite for successful optimization of laser‐ and intense‐pulsed‐light (IPL)‐based treatment