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This study examines the influence of racial, demographic and situational variables on types of police suspicion and the ancillary decision to stop and question suspects. Data were drawn from an
The impact of conducted energy devices and other types of force and resistance on officer and suspect injuries
The use of CEDs was associated with reduced odds of officer and suspect injury and the severity of suspect injury in one agency and in the other agency CED use was unrelated to the odds of injury; however, the use of pepper spray was associatedwith reduced oddsof suspect injury.
A bird's eye view of civilians killed by police in 2015: further evidence of implicit bias
Research Summary We analyzed 990 police fatal shootings using data compiled by The Washington Post in 2015. After first providing a basic descriptive analysis of these shootings, we then examined
Explaining Police Bias
Although recent empirical research has shown that Blacks and Hispanics are consistently overrepresented among police stops, searches, and arrests, few criminologists have attempted to provide a
Policy and Training Recommendations Related to Police Use of CEDs: Overview of Findings From a Comprehensive National Study
The authors report the policy and training recommendations derived from a comprehensive national study that examined conductive energy device (CED) use, resulting injuries, departmental policies and
Searching for direction: Courts, social science, and the adjudication of racial profiling claims
As an issue of contemporary legal and social concern, racial profiling has become part of the national discourse. As claims of racial profiling proliferate, courts are struggling to adjudicate them
Sex and Occupational Socialization among Prison Guards
The degree and direction of attitudinal change among prison guards across their careers is a question relevant to both prison theory and policy. This study reports how punitive and aggressive
Police use of force: An analysis of organizational characteristics
Police use of force has become an important public policy concern and topic of research during the past few years. A number of researchers have hypothesized that the structural context of police