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Investigations were conducted on the abundance and distribution of M. cothurnatus larvae in nests of Formica obscuripes. One hundred twenty-one nests were searched and 19 nests contained evidence ofExpand
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Reproductive Conflict and Division of Labor in Eutetramorium mocquerysi, a Myrmicine Ant Without Morphologically Distinct Female Reproductives
The myrmicine ant Eutetramorium mocquerysi Emery from Madagascar exhibits a unique social organization. All female individuals are similar in size and appearance; female reproductives with a distinctExpand
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A synoptic review of the ant genera (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of the Philippines
Abstract An overview of the history of myrmecology in the Philippine archipelago is presented. Keys are provided to the 11 ant subfamilies and the 92 ant genera known from the Philippines. Eleven antExpand
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A new species of Tyrannomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Sri Lanka.
  • G. Alpert
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  • 15 October 2013
Tyrannomyrmex legatus sp. nov. is described based on a single worker collected from leaf litter in dipterocarp forest in southern Sri Lanka. A key is presented to separate the three known species ofExpand
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X-Ray microtomography for ant taxonomy: An exploration and case study with two new Terataner (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) species from Madagascar
We explore the potential of x-ray micro computed tomography (μCT) for the field of ant taxonomy by using it to enhance the descriptions of two remarkable new species of the ant genus Terataner: T.Expand
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Distribution, Abundance, and Behavior of the Inquiline Ant Leptothorax diversipilosus,
A field survey of the distribution of Leptothorax diversipilosus Smith in Washington was conducted from June 1970 to August 1971. Laboratory studies were conducted from October to January in 1969,Expand
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Discovery of the worker caste and descriptions of two new species of Anomalomyrma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Leptanillinae) with unique abdominal morphology
The hitherto unknown worker caste of Anomalomyrma Taylor, 1990 is described for the first time. Two new species, Anomalomyrma boltoni n. sp. from Cameron Highlands, Peninsular Malaysia andExpand
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Taxonomy of the ant genus Proceratium Roger (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in the Afrotropical region with a revision of the P. arnoldi clade and description of four new species
Abstract The taxonomy of the genus Proceratium Roger is updated for the Afrotropical region. We give an overview of the genus in the region, provide an illustrated identification key to the threeExpand
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