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Recommendations for Biomarker Identification and Qualification in Clinical Proteomics
Recommendations about structuring proteomic biomarker studies should increase the probability that such markers will be clinically useful. Clinical proteomics has yielded some early positiveExpand
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Analysis and handling of bio-nanoparticles and environmental nanoparticles using electrostatic aerosol mobility
Abstract The successful application of differential mobility analysis for the characterization and manipulation of nanoparticles at atmospheric pressure has given rise to further development of thisExpand
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A carboxysomal carbon-concentrating mechanism in the cyanelles of the 'coelacanth' of the algal world, Cyanophora paradoxa?
Cyanelles are the peculiar plastids of glaucocystophyte algae that retained a peptidoglycan wall from the ancestral cyanobacterial endosymbiont. All cyanobacteria and most algae possess an inorganicExpand
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III. Biochemistry of S-layers
During evolution prokaryotes have developed different envelope structures exterior to the cell wall proper. Among these surface components are regularly arranged S-layers and capsules. The structuralExpand
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Nano electrospray gas-phase electrophoretic mobility molecular analysis (nES GEMMA) of liposomes: applicability of the technique for nano vesicle batch control
Gas-phase electrophoresis of single-charged particles enables liposome characterization and finally the resulting vesicle encapsulation capacity determination.
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Comparative method evaluation for size and size-distribution analysis of gold nanoparticles.
Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) are popular colloidal substrates in various sensor, imaging, and nanomedicine applications. In separation science, they have raised some interest as a support for sampleExpand
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Gas-phase electrophoretic molecular mobility analysis of size and stoichiometry of complexes of a common cold virus with antibody and soluble receptor molecules.
Attachment of a nonaggregating monoclonal antibody and of a soluble recombinant receptor molecule to the icosahedral nonenveloped human rhinovirus serotype 2 was studied with a nanoelectrosprayExpand
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MALDI-based intact spore mass spectrometry of downy and powdery mildews.
Fast and easy identification of fungal phytopathogens is of great importance in agriculture. In this context, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOFExpand
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Rapid detection of apoptosis in mammalian cells by using intact cell MALDI mass spectrometry.
Detection of cell death has extensive applications and is of great commercial value. However, most current high-throughput cell viability assays cannot distinguish the two major forms of cell death:Expand
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Comparison of planar SDS-PAGE, CGE-on-a-chip, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for analysis of the enzymatic de-N-glycosylation of antithrombin III and coagulation factor IX with PNGase F
AbstractThree different analytical techniques (planar SDS-PAGE, CGE-on-a-chip and MALDI-TOF-MS) applied for determination of the molecular weight of intact and partly and completely de-N-glycosylatedExpand
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