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Bureaucratic Politics: A Paradigm and Some Policy Implications
During the Tet holiday of 1968, North Vietnamese troops launched massive attacks on a large number of South Vietnamese cities. Why?
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Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis
A penetrating study of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis examines the workings of American decision-making and foreign policy.
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The Iran Nuclear Deal: A Definitive Guide
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The Myth of the Liberal Order
Among the debates that have swept the U.S. foreign policy community since the beginning of the Trump administration, alarm about the fate of the liberal international rules-based order has emerged asExpand
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Can the United States Promote Democracy
Is it possible for the United States to promote democracy and pluralism? Are there potential actions, programs, and policies to be undertaken or avoided -that will encourage the development of anExpand
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Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Tucydides's Trap?
Thucydides's Trap identifies a cardinal challenge to world order; the impact of a rising power on a rulling power. I read the book with great interst. I can hope that the US China relarionshipExpand
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Realizing Human Rights
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Rethinking America's security : beyond Cold War to new world order
During the Cold War, American national security seemed clearly defined: to protect against the overarching threat of the Soviet Union and Communist expansion. But with the demise of Communism,Expand
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