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Fundamentals and applications of inertial microfluidics: a review.
In the last decade, inertial microfluidics has attracted significant attention and a wide variety of channel designs that focus, concentrate and separate particles and fluids have been demonstrated.Expand
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Conducting polymer microactuators operating in air
We report for the first time on microsized conducting polymer actuators, which operate in air and in liquids. These actuators are potentially useful for a wide range of applications fromExpand
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Experimental investigation of the vibration characteristics of a magnetorheological elastomer sandwich beam under non-homogeneous small magnetic fields
In this study, a magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) was manufactured and tested, and a MRE sandwich beam was also fabricated from a MRE between two thin aluminum layers. An experimental test rig wasExpand
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A review of drug delivery systems for capsule endoscopy.
The development of a highly controllable drug delivery system (DDS) for capsule endoscopy has become an important field of research due to its promising applications in therapeutic treatment ofExpand
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Inertial particle separation by differential equilibrium positions in a symmetrical serpentine micro-channel
This paper presents an inertial microfluidic device with a simple serpentine micro-channel to continuously separate particles with high performance. Expand
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Fast trilayer polypyrrole bending actuators for high speed applications
Abstract The synthesis and performance evaluation of trilayer bending type polymer actuators in terms of frequency response and step response are described. The actuators are shown to achieveExpand
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Establishment of a biomimetic device based on tri-layer polymer actuators--propulsion fins.
We propose to use bending type tri-layer polymer actuators as propulsion fins for a biomimetic device consisting of a rigid body, like a box fish having a carapace, and paired fins running throughExpand
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A review of microfabrication techniques and dielectrophoretic microdevices for particle manipulation and separation
The development of lab-on-a-chip (LOC) devices over the past decade has attracted growing interest. LOC devices aim to achieve the miniaturization, integration, automation and parallelization ofExpand
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A Review of Non-Invasive Sensory Feedback Methods for Transradial Prosthetic Hands
Sensory feedback to the hand users can be provided via invasive and non-invasive methods. Expand
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Performance Quantification of Conducting Polymer Actuators for Real Applications: A Microgripping System
In this paper, we report on modeling, characterization, and performance quantification of a conducting polymer actuator, driving a rigid link to form each finger of a two-finger gripping system,Expand
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