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Colloquium: quantum coherence as a resource
The coherent superposition of states, in combination with the quantization of observables, represents one of the most fundamental features that mark the departure of quantum mechanics from the
Continuous Variable Quantum Information: Gaussian States and Beyond
The basic notions needed to understand Gaussian states and Gaussian operations are defined, and emphasis is placed on the mathematical structure combining notions of algebra and symplectic geometry fundamental to a complete understanding of Gaussian informatics.
Quantum versus classical correlations in Gaussian states.
Quantum discord, a measure of genuinely quantum correlations, is generalized to continuous variable systems. For all two-mode Gaussian states, we calculate analytically the quantum discord and a
Measuring Quantum Coherence with Entanglement.
This work demonstrates the usefulness of the approach by proving that the fidelity-based geometric measure of coherence is a full convex coherence monotone, and deriving a closed formula for it on arbitrary single-qubit states.
Extremal entanglement and mixedness in continuous variable systems
The concept of average logarithmic negativity is introduced, showing that it allows a reliable quantitative estimate of continuo us variable entanglement by direct measurements of global and marginal generalized p-entropies.
Entanglement in continuous-variable systems: recent advances and current perspectives
We review the theory of continuous-variable entanglement with special emphasis on foundational aspects, conceptual structures and mathematical methods. Much attention is devoted to the discussion of
Assisted Distillation of Quantum Coherence.
It is shown that the asymptotic rate of assisted coherence distillation for pure states is equal to the coherence of Assistance, an analog of the entanglement of assistance, whose properties are characterized.
Characterizing nonclassical correlations via local quantum uncertainty.
It is shown that the amount of discord present in a bipartite mixed probe state guarantees a minimum precision, as quantified by the quantum Fisher information, in the optimal phase estimation protocol.
Individual Quantum Probes for Optimal Thermometry.
It is proved that the optimal quantum probe, acting as a thermometer with maximal thermal sensitivity, is an effective two-level atom with a maximally degenerate excited state.
Entanglement of Gaussian states
This Dissertation collects my results on the interpretation, characterization, quantification and application of bipartite and multipartite entanglement in Gaussian states of continuous variable