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L'influence de la radiation ultra-violette proche sur le pouvoir germinatif des conidies dePeronospora arborescens
  • G. A. Weille
  • Biology
  • Tijdschrift Over Plantenziekten
  • 1 September 1961
Lors des recherches sur la relation entre les conditions climatologiques el: l 'occurrence du mildiou de la pomme de terre, la physiologie de ses conidies 6tait une fois de plus soumise ~ uneExpand
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An analysis of the variability of the germinative power of conidia in a number of fungi belonging to the Peronosporales
  • G. A. Weille
  • Biology
  • Netherlands Journal of Plant Pathology
  • 1 March 1963
Many research workers have at one time or another carried out investigations into the influence of the environment upon the germinative power of conidia in the Peronosporales. In reading their papersExpand
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Laboratory results regarding potato blight and their significance in the epidemiology of blight
SummaryLaboratory experiments have shown that under natural light conditions conidia are formed at night, subsequent maturation taking place the following morning. Maximum germinative power isExpand
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The epidemiology of plant disease as considered within the scope of agrometeorology
Abstract Within agricultural meteorology, the epidemiology of fungal plant diseases has advanced to a salient position. Yet there are still many problems for the solution of whichExpand
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Some remarks regarding biological observations in behalf of agrometeorological investigations concerning the epidemiology of plant diseases and pests
This paper deals with biological observations related to diseases and pests in agricultural crops in so far as they lie within the frame-work of agrometeorology, i. Expand
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Samenvattingen van de voordrachten, gehouden op de planteziektendagen, 20 en 21 Februari 1964, te wageningen
Als uitgangspunt bctreffende bet gebruik van bestrijdingsmiddelen in de landbouw zal in vetband met de volksgczondheid de vraag worden gesteld of bij de beoordeling volstaan kan worden met deExpand