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The impact of predator control on lapwing Vanellus vanellus breeding success on wet grassland nature reserves
Summary 1Whilst the widespread declines in breeding grassland waders in many parts of Europe have been associated with changes in agriculture, there is concern that predation may compromise recoveryExpand
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Individuality in Corncrake Crex crex vocalizations
Vocal individuality has potential for the monitoring of bird species that are otherwise difficult to observe. In this study we assessed the potential of this technique for the monitoring of theExpand
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Habitat selection, ranging behaviour and diet of the stone curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus) in southern England
Distribution, habitat use and selection, ranging behaviour, diet and food supply of the stone curlew Burhinus oedicnemus were studied in a small, fragmented population at the north-western edge ofExpand
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A simulation model of the effect of mowing of agricultural grassland on the breeding success of the corncrake (Crex crex)
The corncrake has been declining in numbers and distribution in Britain for more than 100 years. Meadows mowed for hay or silage are the most frequent habitat and nests and broods placed there areExpand
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Nesting habitat selection by bitterns Botaurus stellaris in Britain and the implications for wetland management
Abstract The rarity and decline of the bittern Botaurus stellaris in Britain has prompted large-scale wetland restoration and more recently, wetland creation projects. In order to guide such habitatExpand
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The influence of habitat management on the breeding success of the Great Bittern Botaurus stellaris in Britain
Great Bitterns Botaurus stellaris have experienced a population decline in the UK, such that in 1997 the total number of breeding males was just 11. This study aimed to identify factors affectingExpand
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Local annual survival of booming male Great Bittern Botaurus stellaris in Britain, in the period 1990–1999
Male Great Bitterns Botaurus stellaris have individually distinctive boom vocalizations which have been used since 1990 to count the British population accurately. We used vocal individuality toExpand
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Nestling diet and fish preference of bitterns Botaurus stellaris in Britain
The first assessment of both nestling diet composition and selection of fish prey by Bitterns Botaurus stellaris in Britain. We provide quantitative information on the diet of nestling Bitterns,Expand
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Collisions against fences by woodland grouse in Scotland
A study was carried out in native pinewoods at Abernethy and Glen Tanar to investigate the effect of forest fences on capercaillie and black grouse. Collisions occurred at a rate of 0.25 and 0.03 perExpand
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Survival and behaviour of Corncrake Crex crex chicks during the mowing of agricultural grassland
The behaviour of Corncrakes during mechanized mowing of hay and silage was investigated by tracking radio-tagged females with broods and observing chicks escaping from meadows or being killed by theExpand
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