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Monoclonal antibodies to human renal cell carcinoma: recognition of shared and restricted tissue antigens.
Monoclonal antibodies (MABs) reactive with human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) were generated following immunization of mice with either RCC homogenates, RCC cell lines, or fetal kidney homogenates. TheExpand
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Drug-induced relaxation of supercoiled plasmid DNA in Bacillus subtilis and induction of the SOS response.
Whereas treatment with many different drugs led to induction of the SOS response in Bacillus subtilis, only inhibitors of DNA gyrase subunit B and, unexpectedly, polyether antibiotics (membraneExpand
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Palladium catalyzed reduction of aryl triflates - utilization in thesynthesis of angelicin, olivin and chromomycinone from phenolsproduced in the benzannulation reaction of chromium carbenecomplexes
Abstract The palladium catalyzed homogeneous reduction of a variety of phenols with either sodium borohydride or triethylammonium formate are effected as their triflate esters. This transformationExpand
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Two-alkyne annulations of transition-metal carbene complexes via in situ generated vinyl carbene complexes
Description d'un nouveau type d'annelation a 6 membres mettant en jeu 2 equivalents d'un compose acetylenique, un coordinat CO et le carbone carbenique
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Solvent, chelation and concentration effects on the benzannulation reaction of chromium carbene complexes and acetylenes
The reactions of a number of chromium carbene complexes (CO)5CrC(OMe)R (R = Ph, o-OMePh, p-OMePh, o-O-tBuPh, 1-C6H9, 1-C5H7O) were examined with a variety of acetylenes (R′CCR2, R1, R2 = H, Me, Et,Expand
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The generation of 2-vinylcyclopentene-1,3-diones via a five-component coupling in the coordination sphere of chromium
La reaction de complexes carbenes de chrome pentacarbonyle avec des derives de l'acetylene donne des cyclopentenes-2diones-1,4, des indanols et indanones
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The stimulation of bioluminescence in Photobacterium leiognathi as a potential prescreen for antitumor agents.
The stimulation of bioluminescence in Photobacterium leiognathi has previously been described as a test for genotoxic compounds. An adaptation of this procedure has been developed which uses a dimExpand
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A synthesis of quinoline-5,8-quinones via the benzannulation of 1,4-dihydro-2-pyridyl carbene complexes
Abstract A method for the preparation of quinoline-5,8-quinones is described with the key step the benzannulation of a dihydropyridyl Fischer carbene complex. The carbene complexes are generated byExpand
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