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The isolation and identification of androstenediol sulfate from spermatic vein blood and testes of the boar.
It was concluded that androstenediol sulfate is a major secretory product of the boar testis, and was not detected in peripheral or spermatic arterial blood.
A transistor digital computer
A small digital computer which has a magnetic-drum store and uses some 330 transistors as the only active circuit elements, involving the interleaving of the digits of numbers stored on the drum, which permits 3-address operation.
Transistor arithmetic circuits for an interleaved-digit computer
This paper describes the development of transistor circuits as the standard elements from which a digital computer has been constructed, and the application of the standard circuits to the arithmetic unit of the computer is illustrated by two examples.
A pulse-amplitude analyser of improved design
A pulse-amplitude analyser is an instrument designed to measure the amplitude distribution of pulses produced in an ionization chamber or other source. The general requirements of such an instrument
Digital timer structures