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Haitian Voodoo: Its True Face
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Neglected front rounded phonemes in Haitian Creole
In all the formal descriptions of Haitian Creole published so far the phonemics of the vowels includes only front unrounded and back rounded varieties: Analysts confronted with the presence in theExpand
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Nasalized vowels and semiconsonants in Haitian Creole
The Haitian Creole vocalic system includes both nasalized and oral varieties. Relatively recent analyses can be found in Hall 1953, D'Ans 1968, Valdman 1970, Ferere 1977 and Ferere 1979. Ferere 1977Expand
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Diglossia in Haiti: A Comparison with Paraguayan Bilingualism
(1977). Diglossia in Haiti: A Comparison with Paraguayan Bilingualism. Caribbean Quarterly: Vol. 23, Sources of Caribbean Literature, pp. 50-60.
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