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The influence of solvent molecules on NMR spectrum of barbituric acid in the DMSO solution
This work shows the modification of barbituric acid (BA) chemical shifts by dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) molecules. The discussed changes are caused by creation of the H-bonded associates formed byExpand
Cyclic sulfates as useful tools in the asymmetric synthesis of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid derivatives
Abstract The enantiomers of 4-(2-methoxyethyl)-1,3,2-dioxathiolane-2,2-dioxide and 4-(methoxymethyl)-1,3,2-dioxathiolane-2,2-dioxide have been used as ‘epoxide-like’ synthons during the asymmetricExpand
Influence of substitution of oxygen by sulfur on maltol properties
Replacing oxygen by sulfur in a maltol molecule generates a family of new very interesting ligands: thiohydroxypyrones. In this work, theoretical calculations have been performed for all possibleExpand
A molecular modelling explanation of the unexpected stereochemistry observed in the alkylation of oxazinone-derived glycine equivalents using 4-chloromethyl-1,3,2-dioxathiolane-2-oxide
Abstract The (R)- and (S)-enantiomers of 4-chloromethyl-1,3,2-dioxathiolane-2-oxide were used as ‘epoxide-like’ synthons in the asymmetric alkylation of the enantiomers of oxazinone-derived glycineExpand
Synthesis, spectroscopy, and theoretical calculations of some 2-thiohydantoin derivatives as possible new fungicides
We present the synthesis and structure determination for two thiohydantoin compounds (5-benzylidene-2-sulfanylideneimidazolidin-4-one and 5-cinnamylidene-2-sulfanylideneimidazolidin-4-one), proposedExpand
Enantioselective chromatography of alkyl derivatives of 5-ethyl-5-phenyl-2-thiobarbituric acid studied by semiempirical AM1 method.
Complexation of alkyl derivatives of 5-ethyl-5-phenyl-2-thiobarbituric acid (2-thiophenobarbital) enantiomers by beta-cyclodextrin was investigated by the AM1 method. The inclusion complexes ofExpand
Hydrolysis of 2,4-dithiophenobarbital.
Hydrolysis of 2,4-dithiophenobarbital in aqueous solutions of pH 2-12 was investigated at 40 and 60 degrees C using UV spectrophotometry. The values of reaction order, rate constants, pKa1 and pKa2Expand
Stability of 2-thiophenobarbital and its N-methyl derivatives in the presence of beta-cyclodextrin.
The rates of hydrolysis of thiophenobarbital and its N-mono- and N,N'-dimethyl-derivatives were determined under different conditions of pH and temperature using UV spectroscopy. They were comparedExpand