G von Drasek-Ascher

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Mirror image duplication of the hands and feet is a rare entity. Based on 3 previous reports, findings include nasal abnormalities, dimelia of ulna and fibula, tibial hypoplasia and mirror image duplication of hands and feet. We report on a sporadic case in which mirror image duplication was associated with multiple congenital anomalies. Although these(More)
The veins of the digits and their valves were studied in nine cadaveric hands by sequential angiography, microdissection, routine histology, cross-sectional microradiography, and corrosion casting. The findings revealed a pattern of dorsal venous arches situated over each digit. Connections between those arches were at the level of the metacarpal heads, the(More)
Fresh human cadaveric hands were injected with a liquid plastic polymer and dissected under the operating microscope. On the palmar aspect of the digits, four different venous patterns could be identified, characterized by their tributaries and branching pattern, and by the presence, position and direction of valves. Arborized veins drain a limited volume(More)
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