G. van de Werve

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The effect of work-induced hypertrophy (without any concomitant change in circulating parameters) on skeletal muscle metabolism was studied in lean mice and in goldthioglucose obese-mice. Soleus muscle was functionally overloaded in one leg by tenotomy of gastrocnemius muscle 4 days before muscle isolation, muscle in the other leg being used as control.(More)
The dynamics of the glucose 6-phosphatase system were investigated in intact rat liver microsomes using a fast-sampling, rapid-filtration apparatus. Glucose and phosphate transport followed single exponential kinetics, appeared to be homogeneous, was unaffected by unlabeled substrate concentrations up to 100 mm, proved insensitive to various potential(More)
Hepatic glycogen synthase deficiency (GSD-0) is an autosomal recessive disorder first described in 1963. Fifteen cases in seven different families have been reported. Mutations in GYS2, the gene coding for liver glycogen synthase, were found in the four families studied. We report a new case of GSD-0 in a female patient born to healthy non-consanguineous(More)
1. A parallel dose-dependent activation of histone kinase, phosphorylase kinase and phosphorylase was observed in isolated hepatocytes incubated in the presence ofglucagon; the effect of suboptimal concentrations of glucagon was antagonized by insulin. 2. An activation ofphosphorylase which was not accompanied by a stable change in the activity of(More)
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