G van Santen

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In summary, it can be stated that Amsterdam has a wide variety of helping modalities. Approximately 70 percent of the city's 7,000 drug addicts are in contact with this helping system. In The Netherlands, no evidence could be found to support the fear that low-threshold methadone programs keep addicts away from drug-free treatment. Figure 1 shows that the(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated whether the response to a single twitch (ST) stimulus or the first response (T1) to a train-of-four (TOF; 4 stimuli at 2 Hz) stimulus following a stimulus interval of 10 s (i.e., the time between two consecutive ST or TOF stimuli) is influenced by the preceding stimulus in the presence of a stable 50% neuromuscular block. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the twitch force of the adductor pollicis remains stable when 0.1 Hz single twitch stimulation is started after stabilization of the thumb preload at a constant degree of thumb abduction; also to study any possible increase in twitch force before the onset of and after the recovery from neuromuscular block. METHODS(More)
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