G'erard H.E. Duchamp

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In this paper, we investigate a second-category method to evaluate the degradations of high frequency interconnections on FR4 boards. More than the defects location, the purpose of the present study is to distinguish the effects of the copper metallization corrosion (oxidation, delamination, etc..) from the /spl epsiv//spl tau/ sensitivity to moisture(More)
In this paper the effect of humidity aging on the electromagnetic radiation behavior of a printed circuit board is presented. Experimental study of the aging effect on the losses in electromagnetic radiation of the test structure was performed using a near field test bench. The samples were aged at various levels of temperature and aging times were used to(More)
Computations with integro-differential operators are often carried out in an associative algebra with unit and they are essentially non-commutative computations. By adjoining a cocommutative co-product, one can have those operators perform on a bialgebra isomorphic to an enveloping algebra. That gives an adequate framework for a computer-algebra(More)
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