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The zinc fingers of retroviral gag nucleocapsid proteins (NC) are required for the specific packaging of the dimeric RNA genome into virions. In vitro, NC proteins activate both dimerization of viral RNA and annealing of the replication primer tRNA onto viral RNA, two reactions necessary for the production of infectious virions. In this study the role of(More)
Marine tetrapods evolved specific excretory structures (e.g. salt glands) that maintain salt concentrations within a narrow range of variation. However, recent investigations showed that in some lineages (sea snakes), individuals dehydrate in seawater and cannot equilibrate their hydromineral balance without access to fresh water. How these marine species(More)
A 4 year-old female patient was treated for persistent right-sided dacryocystitis and xerostomia. MRI was performed to screen for a dry syndrome; which resulted in the diagnosis of agenesis of the parotid and submandibular glands as well as lacrimal duct malformation. An MRI of each parent was normal. The mother's history revealed 4 days of pyrexia during(More)
Resource availability can impact immune function, with the majority of studies of such influences focusing on the allocation of energy investment into immune versus other physiological functions. When energy is a limited resource, performance trade-offs can result, compromising immunity. Dehydration is also considered a physiological challenge resulting(More)
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