G. Zou

S. Papirio2
A. Ylinen2
J. A. Puhakka2
2S. Papirio
2A. Ylinen
2J. A. Puhakka
1J.-F. Eléouët
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This paper presents an improved Euclidean Ricci flow method for spherical parameterization. We subsequently invent a scale space processing built upon Ricci energy to extract robust surface features for accurate surface registration. Since our method is based on the proposed Euclidean Ricci flow, it inherits the properties of Ricci flow such as(More)
Human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV) is a leading cause of acute lower respiratory tract infection in infants, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. To date, no specific antiviral drug is available to treat or prevent this disease. Here, we report that the Smoothened receptor (Smo) antagonist cyclopamine acts as a potent and selective inhibitor of(More)
The dispersion of nitrogenous compounds and heavy metals into the environment is frequent during mining activities. The effects of nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co) on denitrification of simulated mine waters were investigated in batch bioassays and fluidized-bed reactors (FBRs). At pH 7, batch tests revealed that Co did not exhibit inhibition on denitrification(More)
Mining often leads to nitrate and metal contamination of groundwater and water bodies. Denitrification of acidic water was investigated in two up-flow fluidized-bed reactors (FBR) and using batch assays. Bacterial communities were enriched on ethanol plus nitrate in the FBRs. Initially, the effects of temperature, low-pH and ethanol/nitrate on(More)
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