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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate (1) the frequency of obsessive-compulsive symptoms (OCS) in patients with schizophrenia, (2) the impact of OCS on clinical features of schizophrenia, and (3) the association between type of antipsychotic treatment and presence of OCS. METHODS OCS were evaluated using the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive(More)
The psychoneuroendocrinology of schizophrenia derives from the presumption that neurotransmitter or receptor abnormalities in the limbic regions might extend to or influence the hypothalamus, which plays a role in the regulation of prolactin (PRL) secretion from the anterior pituitary gland. Since a GABA disturbance has been recently proposed in the(More)
In the last few years the international literature has shown an increasing attention for the work as life-event stressor, for its organizational characteristics as well as for job insecurity and interpersonal conflicts. We have studied 707 subjects who approached the Work Psychopathology Medical Centre of Naples to evaluate the DSM IV diagnoses and the(More)
The authors begin by drawing attention to the problem of the transition from the biological to the psychic, noting that Freud himself, with his background in the neurosciences, grappled with it throughout his career. Certain recent paradigms more commonly applied to the natural sciences, such as in particular chaos and complexity theory, can in their view(More)
BACKGROUND The link between work distress and negative mental health outcome is an emergent topic in the scientific literature. The studies that evaluated the risk of work-related psychopathologies in the different job sectors have obtained so far controversial and inconclusive results. The identification, by means of standardized evaluation tools, of the(More)
The aim of this study is to produce preliminary data about the validation of the "Naples-Questionnaire of Distress at Work" (nQ.DW). This inventory is a new assessment tool in order to evaluate the distress perceived in the working environment by means of the differentiation of the conditions linked to the mobbing from which related to organizational(More)
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