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Release of water from storage hydropower plants generates rapid flow and stage fluctuations (hydropeaking) in the receiving water bodies at a variety of sub-daily time-scales. In this paper we present an approach to quantify such variations, which is easy to apply, requires stream flow data at a readily available resolution, and allows for the comparison of(More)
We propose an intelligent sensor system based on a new sensing methodology, relying also on 3D map reconstruction techniques,<lb>for computing with high precision, in real-time and without human intervention the parameters needed for stream-flow computa-<lb>tion: water levels, morphology of the streams of all potentially flooded areas by each controlled(More)
Cultural and recreational river ecosystem services and their relations with the flow regime are still poorly investigated. We develop a modelling-based approach to assess recreational flow requirements and the spatially distributed river suitability for white-water rafting, a typical service offered by mountain streams, with potential conflicts of interest(More)
Within the past 30years there have been two major heatwave events (in 2003 and 2006) that broke 500-year-old temperature records in Europe. Owing to the growing concern of rising temperatures, we analyzed the potential response in a number of river sections that are subject to hydropeaking and thermopeaking through the intermittent release of water from(More)
Bei 9 Kranken mit perniziöser Anämie und 2 mit perniciosaähnlichem Symptomenbild wurde durch Injektionen von Kongorot ein fast normaler Blutbefund erzielt; bei weiteren 3 Kranken mit perniziöser Anämie wurde ein günstiges Resultat ebenfalls erreicht, nachdem eine Zufuhr von Leber in Mengen, die an und für sich für eine gründliche Besserung unzureichend war,(More)
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