G. Z. Yao

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High-speed switching of current in gradient coils within high magnetic field strength magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners results in high acoustic sound pressure levels (SPL) in and around these machines. To characterize the vibration properties as well as the acoustic noise properties of the gradient coil, a finite-element (FE) model was developed(More)
components of incident light. Computing color of the surface is an Several algorithm described color. independent model in computer vision. constancy has been developed before, for Perception of color is as important as motion, depth and shape in low level visual processing. Baaed on the copatational theory and Para1 lel Distr ibuted Processing theory, a(More)
A connection ensemble model (CEM) of local neural circuits in central nervous system (CNS) is proposed in this work. Neuronal interactions are investigated at two levels, i.e. the synaptic connection between single neurons and the macro-connections between different neuronal groups. The efficacy of macro-connection is quantitatively determined by the(More)
The neural wave representation which describes spatiotemporal information in early vision is proposed in terms of extended Gabor functions in this paper. Its reasonability, completeness and uncertainty in spatiotemporal domains and their frequency domains were investigated. The ranges of these parameters in this representation were estimated on(More)
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