G. Z. Xiao

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We evaluate a wavelength interrogation technique based on an arrayed waveguide grating (AWG). Initial results show that the Bragg wavelength of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors can be precisely interrogated by thermally scanning an AWG-based demultiplexer. The technique potentially offers a low-cost, compact, and high-performance solution for the(More)
A simple method of irreversibly sealing SU-8 microfluidic channels using PDMS is reported in this paper. The method is based on inducing a chemical reaction between PDMS and SU-8 by first generating amino groups on PDMS surface using N(2) plasma treatment, then allowing the amino groups to react with the residual epoxy groups on SU-8 surface at an elevated(More)
Volume relaxation in polymers and the effect intrinsic to glassy polymers can significantly affect their refractive index over time. Its beta rate has been found to be related only to relaxation temperature T and the glass transition temperature of the polymer Tg and not to the polymeric chemical structure. Universal values of beta have been obtained for(More)
—An SU-8/PDMS microfluidic chip incorporating a monolithically integrated on-chip lens set for transport and manipulation of microparticles is developed. The components, including the on-chip lens set, the microfluidic channel, and the fiber grooves, are defined in a single layer of SU-8 by one-step photolithography. The design of the on-chip lens set and(More)
A novel technique to interrogate a long-period grating (LPG) using a mechanically scannable arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) is proposed. This technique is implemented based on space-to-wavelength mapping by mechanically scanning the input light beam along the input coupler facet of an AWG. By employing a sampled chirped fiber Bragg grating with multiple(More)
A focusing-based microfluidic mixer was studied. The micromixer utilizes the focusing process required for cytometry to reduce the diffusion distance of molecules to be mixed in order to facilitate the passive diffusion-controlled mixing process. It was found that both the high flow rate ratio of the sheath flow to the flows to be mixed and the low flow(More)
We propose and demonstrate a novel high-voltage optical-fiber sensor. This sensor consists of an emitting fiber, a receiving fiber, and a piezoelectric bimorph transducer. The emitting fiber is fixed in a base, whereas the receiving fiber is mounted on the free end of the piezoelectric bimorph transducer. When a voltage is applied to the piezoelectric(More)
—An interrogation technique for a long-period grating (LPG) sensor is studied theoretically and experimentally. By employing a thermally tunable arrayed waveguide grating (AWG), the center wavelength of the LPG sensor is successfully measured using the linear temperature dependence of the AWG transmission wavelengths. Initial results show that the proposed(More)
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