G Z Mikhaĭlova

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It was previously shown that the contralateral (relative to preferred side of turns) optokinetic stimulation and ipsilateral eye enucleation cause a significant, 2- to 4-fold reduction of the ventral dendrite (VD) volume in one of two goldfish Mauthner neurons (MN) that becomes more active functionally. In this study, we investigated the MN ultrastructure(More)
Using the three-dimensional computer reconstruction from serial histological sections, the morphology of right and left Mauthner cells (MC) was examined in the goldfish fry which demonstrated clearly pronounced preference to turn to the right or to the left in a narrow water channel or which did not show any asymmetry in choosing the side of turning.(More)
Using immunogold labeling, excitatory serotoninergic synapses of both chemical and mixed types, were found on the ventral dendrite (VD) of goldfish Mauthner neuron (MN).They are characterized by the presence of several mitochondria in the bouton and by an obligatory desmosome-like contact (DLC) besides the active zone (AZ). Their AZs were commonly found to(More)
Using the morphometric techniques, the ultrastructural changes of the afferent synapses on the ventral dendrite of the Mauthner neurons (MNs) were studied after the adaptation of goldfish to long-term fatiguing sensory (visual) stimulation, characterized by the growth of MN resistance. It was shown that after the adaptation, the length of active zones (AZs)(More)
The effect of training adaptive vestibular stimulations on goldfish Mauthner neurons (MN) function and three-dimensional morphology was studied in experimental amyloidosis caused by application of aggregated beta-amyloid protein (Abeta25-35). It was found that as compared with control, adapted (trained) MN gained significant resistance to Abeta25-35. Taking(More)
Using the method of 3D reconstruction, the structural correlates of significantly increased functional activity of denervated Mauthner neuron (MN) were studied after the unilateral eye enucleation, that resulted in the irreversible shift of the goldfish motor asymmetry to a "blind" side. It was established that in some cases the functional dominance of MN(More)
The influence of aggregated beta-amyloid peptide fragment 25-35 application on three-dimensional structure and volume of Mauthner cells (MCs), as determined by reconstruction from serial histological sections, and on goldfish motor asymmetry was studied. It was shown that in intact and control goldfish motor asymmetry was stable and strongly correlated with(More)
Previously we have demonstrated, that the contralateral optokinetic (visual) stimulation (COS) induces an inversion of goldfish motor asymmetry and three-fold decrease of the ventral dendrite of ipsilateral Mauthner neuron (MN) volume, whereas repetitive in training mode daily COS sessions induced a motor behavior resistance to this influence in fish. In(More)
It was recently demonstrated that following the optomotor drum, rotating contralaterally to the turn side, spontaneously preferred by the goldfish fry, inverted their motor asymmetry. The study of Mauthner neuron (MN) structure using the histological method of 3D reconstruction, and the measurements of right and left MN in these fishes, has detected the(More)
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